Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness, is accusing Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller of failing in her mandate to protect the hard earned investments of Jamaicans in the National Housing Trust, NHT.

Mr Holness’ criticism follows her appointment last week of a new NHT Board to succeed the one led by the former government Minister Easton Douglas.

The Douglas-led Board fell into controversy over spending decisions.

The announcement of the new Carlton Davis-led Board came a day after Auditor General Pamela Munroe Ellis blasted the NHT for investing over 2-billion dollars in three properties that have NOT made any profit 5 to 10 years later.

Mrs. Munroe Ellis also criticized the NHT Board for investing 180-million in the Outameni property, describing it as a buyout of a bad debt.

Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness says the mere replacement of some Board members shows that Prime Minister Simpson Miller is not serious about protecting the investment of Jamaicans, many of whom cannot now own a home.

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Mr. Holness says Prime Minister Simpson Miller has missed an opportunity to cauterize wasteful spending at the NHT

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Mr. Holness says the Simpson Miller administration must proceed to make immediate changes to the NHT act to ensure proper spending.

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