Prime Minister Andrew Holness says he’s putting to rest criticisms over his recent comments on Michael Manley and his stewardship of the nation in the 1970s.

Holness had described the Manley era as an “ideological misstep”.

But yesterday, Prime Minister Holness said his own mission of social justice and economic empowerment was inspired by Manley and his political mentor, Edward Seaga.

The Prime Minister says he has always respected Manley’s work.

The Prime Minister also casually shared that his father wanted him to be named after the former Prime Minister.

In the Prime Minister’s remarks that led to backlash, he urged Jamaicans not to repeat the misadventures of former years in flirting with foreign ideologies.

He noted that with the fourth industrial revolution underway, Jamaica must ensure that it exploits the opportunities to grow our economic pie and deal with our social problems.

The Prime Minister is maintaining that a balance has to be struck.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

He was speaking at Jamaica House yesterday for the launch of his High-Level Commission on Educational Transformation.