Stevian Simmonds reports

Local Government Minister, Desmond McKenzie says he’s to consult with Cabinet on how to better enforce the mandatory wearing of masks in public.

The Minister was addressing a Virtual Townhall yesterday.

Mr. McKenzie says he’s pleased with how bar and tavern operators have been adhering to the anti-COVID-19 protocols and may relax the restrictions further.

Minister McKenzie says he has noticed that several persons are failing to adhere to the order mandating the wearing of masks in public.

He says the government is considering increasing the number of people community bars and taverns are now allowed to accommodate.

Under the Disaster Risk Management Act, bars can only lawfully accommodate five persons at a time, including the bar tender.

The Minister also noted calls for night clubs to re-open.

But, he says it’s difficult to do so at this time, and that night club operators can apply to stage their events at outdoor venues.

In the meantime, Acting Director of Emergency Medical Services in the Health and Wellness Ministry, Dr. Kurdell Espinosa Campbell, is warning that the government may need to tighten the current restrictions if the country starts to experience community spread.