Prime Minister Andrew Holness says his administration is to make access to secondary education a guaranteed right in Jamaican law.

Holness made the disclosure while he addressed the House of Representatives this afternoon.

The Prime Minister says he has directed Education Minister, Ruel Reid, to review the existing legislation governing access to education.

The Prime Minister says the administration is committed to its no auxiliary fee policy. But he says there’s a need to take it a step further.

The Prime Minister told the House there’s a need in Jamaica to make it illegal to deny a child the right to access to secondary education.

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Holness says in the mean time his administration will do all it can to eliminate barriers to secondary education.

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The Prime Minister says Jamaica’s socio economic circumstances demand that the main factor in determining a child’s placement in the education system should be their performance.

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Prime Minister Holness says he’s directed that all schools which receive public funds are to be subject to the oversight of the Auditor General.

Mr. Holness says this is intended to guarantee value for money.

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