Former People’s National Party, PNP Treasurer Norman Horne, has launched a broadside against party president, Mark Golding, accusing him of causing disunity in the bitterly divided political organization.

Mr Horne says the party president has not made any attempt to inspire the confidence of persons who did not support him in the recent leadership race.

Instead, Mr Horne says Mr Golding and his team are focussed on crushing perceived enemies.

Mr Horne is at the centre of the latest PNP controversy after his failure to follow through on a commitment to have his appointment in the Upper House rescinded has blocked the swearing-in of former MP, Peter Bunting.

But, in a statement last evening, he says it’s the status quo of the PNP which has resulted in the mixed feelings he’s having about resigning from the Senate.

According to Mr Horne, there was an incident in which a Member of Parliament was told by the Orderly that she should move to another seat.

He alleges this was done on Mr Golding’s instruction as he no longer wished for the female MP to sit behind him.

Mr Horne says this display of what he describes as emotionally unintelligent behaviour is a hallmark of Mr Golding’s approach to leadership.

He also alleges that at Monday’s meeting with Mr Golding and other party officers, the PNP president on his own volition raised the matter of the repayment of money Mr Horne reportedly loaned to the party.

Mr Horne says Mr Golding told him the Party is an unincorporated entity and any person who is owed outstanding sums would have to pursue the Party’s trustees.

According to Mr Horne, Mr Golding said he as the party president would not repay the existing debt.

Mr Horne says at the end of the meeting all parties also agreed that a joint statement with him would be released to the media.

But, he says the release was made public over the sole signature of PNP General Secretary, Dr. Dayton Campbell.

And, Mr Horne says the release does not adequately reflect the outcomes of the meeting.

Mr Horne says “while a Machiavellian masterstroke” with “serendipitous political outcome[s]” may be the order of the day in response to anyone who is not perceived to be in support of the leadership, those who are independent and cannot be bought, bossed or bullied must take a stand on behalf of the broader membership of the PNP in the interest of the Movement”.

Meanwhile, PNP General Secretary Dr Dayton Campbell says Mr Horne is not being truthful about a number of allegations he’s made in his statement.

Dr Campbell says at no time did the party officers agree to release a joint statement arising from yesterday’s meeting with Mr Horne.

He’s also dismissing claims by Mr Horne that his mixed feelings about his Senate appointment, is as a result of what he calls the status quo of the PNP.

Dr Campbell was speaking on last evening’s edition of Nationwide @5 with Cliff Hughes and Danielle Archer.

Dr Campbell says the Party officers decided to release a statement about what transpired in Monday’s meeting with Mr Horne.

But, he says there was no agreement that the statement would be released jointly with Mr Horne.

The PNP General Secretary says party president, Mark Golding, acknowledged the PNP’s debt to Mr Horne and committed to making arrangements to have it repaid.

According to Dr. Campbell, Mr Horne has committed to resolving Senate appointment saga by this Friday.

He’s urging Mr Horne to do what’s necessary to resolve the impasse.