Hotelier Dimitri Kosvogiannis says he’s contemplating a civil case for malicious prosecution.

This, after the Greek national was last week freed of charges that he breached the Revenue Act.

In a statement on Friday, Mr. Kosvogiannis says from day one he’s been clear that the charges were a malicious and devious attempt to sully his name.

He says says he remains deeply committed to Jamaica and the many projects which he has embarked upon towards national development of people, including society’s most vulnerable.

Kosvogiannis is a former General Manager of the Melia Braco Village Resort in Trelawny.

He was freed in the Corporate Area Criminal Court on Friday.

His was represented by Attorneys, Peter Champagnie and Christopher Townsend.

The developments mean that all criminal charges against him have been dismissed.

In February, Kosvogiannis was cleared of an accusation that he fraudulently acquired several credit facilities from two banks by using different Tax Registration Numbers and names.

Police claimed these activities went as far back as 2010.

But his attorneys had argued that the allegation stemmed from a mix-up over the Greek spelling of his name and the English version.

The hotelier is said to have two different surnames on two TRN documents with the only difference being the first letter.

In one instance, the letter C was used to begin the spelling of his name, while in another the letter K was used.

Kosvogiannis was arrested in July last year when he arrived at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston.

He strongly denied wrongdoing.