Two prominent politicians in the PNP have come out in support of Mark Golding’s candidacy, while a well known Attorney, who’s also a former Cabinet Minister has announced support for Lisa Hanna with just a day to go before the Presidential Election is held.

Former West Hanover Member of Parliament, Ian Hayles and the current MP for North West St. Catherine, Hugh Graham, say they’ve decided to support Mr. Golding because he’s best placed to unify the party.

Mr. Graham expressed his support in a video recorded message.

Hugh Graham, Member of Parliament for North West St. Catherine.

While Mr. Hayles is describing Mr. Golding as accomplished and suited to lead the PNP.

Ian Hayles, former West Hanover MP.

Meanwhile, former Senator and veteran Queen’s Counsel, KD Knight, has announced that he’s throwing his support behind Miss Hanna for the Presidency of the PNP.

Knight says Miss Hanna is a performer.

KD Knight, former Senator.