‘I just want to go home to my family and take care of my children.’

That was the plea of one of the accused members of the so-called Uchence Wilson Gang.

Eighteen people are accused of being apart of a criminal organization allegedly led by Wilson.

But so far nine of them have denied being involved in or committing any criminal activity.

Neika Lewis reports.

In his unsworn statement this morning, 34-year-old Sheldon Christian pleaded from the dock that he wanted to go home to his family and three children.

He told the court he’s a hard working taxi operator, who’s never been charged with a crime.

Christian says he only knows Wilson through an altercation they had more than a decade before their arrests.

Meanwhile, another alleged member Odeen Smith, says the first time he met Wilson, the reputed leader did a measurement for a cupboard at his home.

He says the second time he met Wilson he was intimidated into making a false confession.

Smith says the police forced him into a car at which point he told them that he’d sold a gun.

He says he feared for his life so he told the police what they wanted to hear.

Wilson previously told the court he also lied about guns because he was seeking revenge on another alleged member of the gang.

Smith says after this conversation the police took him to his property where they carried out a search for guns.

He says when the police didn’t find any guns they told him they wouldn’t let him live in peace.

Smith says one of the police told him ‘a eediot yuh tek bad man police fa’ before leaving his property.

In a recording played earlier in the trial Smith can be heard telling the police:

‘the man a set up police fi kill me. The same man weh carry you for the gun a the same man gi me. So me couldn’t tell unuh say it nuh de here.’

This was after Wilson brought police to Smith’s house asking for guns.

Under cross examination from the Prosecution, Smith said the only thing he ever saw Wilson with is the tape measure at his house.

After the Prosecution replayed those sections of the tape in court, Smith continued to deny saying the words or knowledge of any guns.

Sheldon Cole, Kenneth Winter and Sheldon Cripps have also denied the charges against them.

Two witnesses are expected to appear on behalf of Winter.

That means 11 of 18 people have given sworn evidence and unsworn statements, denying being part of a criminal organization.

The trial will resume at 10 tomorrow morning.

Neika Lewis for Nationwide News.