There’re more than 600 traffic offenders with over 70,000 outstanding tickets in St. Catherine alone.

Nationwide News has obtained a list from the police identifying chronic traffic offenders in the parish.

Of the 612 offenders, at least four had more than 1000 outstanding tickets.

The information highlights the ineffectiveness of the law in dealing with repeat traffic offenders.

The most notorious on the list is a motorist from Lakes Pen District in Spanish Town.

He racked up a total of 1746 tickets.

The second highest offender, a Braeton resident had a total of 1140- traffic tickets

Another offender, a resident of Bridgeport, had a total of 1108 traffic tickets.

A Maise Way Fairview Park resident had 1051 traffic tickets.

The eldest offender is over 50-years-old and the youngest is 25-years-old.

The demographic indicates that some of the men may’ve been racking up tickets for more than ten years.

More than 36 of the offenders each had over 500 traffic tickets.

This has become a cause for concern in the country and highlights the need for greater effective policing against notorious motorists.

The information comes days after a video of a taxi driver being chased by a Traffic Police in the corporate area went viral on Monday.