Cricket’s world governing body the International Cricket Council, ICC, has given its members until next Monday to submit individual reports on whether it’s financially viable to push for a return of Cricket to the Olympic Games.

The Icc sent a questionnaire to all it’s members, asking them to quantify the potential financial support they could expect to receive each year from their government and respective Olynpic Associations if Cricket’s inclusion in the games were confirmed.

The template also asked members to distinguish between the support available if the sport was accepted to the games on a permanent basis or “on a one-off basis

Upon receipt of The forms by latest November 2 the Icc will then discuss the findings at it’s board meetings later in the month. The ICC has yet to agree a future tours programme beyond 2023.

The ICC undertook a similar exercise a couple of years ago, but there is growing support for Cricket to back in the games, hence the decision to revisit the issue

Cricket previously featured in the 1900 Paris Olympics.

After Belgium and Netherlands withdrew, the only match in the tournament saw Great Britain defeat France by 158 runs.

The winners were awarded silver medals.