Susan Bogle

INDECOM’s Assistant Commissioner, Hamish Campbell, says the Commission is not yet able to say whether it’s a member of the security forces who fired the bullets which killed August Town resident, Susan Bogle.

Miss Bogle was shot last week during what the JDF says was a confrontation between its members and gunmen in August Town.

It’s been widely alleged on both social and traditional media platforms that Miss Bogle was shot by a member of the JDF.

But some law enforcement sources have cast doubt on that allegation.

Mr. Campbell says INDECOM is unable to confirm who shot Miss Bogle because the ballistic results are not yet in.

The INDECOM Assistant Commissioner says he expects that the ballistics results could be known before the end of this week.

He says until the results are received the Commission cannot comment on the issue of who shot Miss Bogle.

Hamish Campbell, Assistant Commissioner at the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM.

He was speaking yesterday with Nationwide News.