The Jamaica Customs Agency, JCA, is rejecting allegations by the Auditor General’s Department that it presided over $2.1 billion in financial exposure to the agency and says it’s important to note there was no revenue loss.

In a statement on Thursday the JCA says it welcomes objective audit scrutiny, oversight, and interrogation of its internal controls, processes and systems.

This will allow for continuous improvement, compliance, and efficient service delivery to their stakeholders.

However in response to findings by the Auditor General that Deficiencies led to $2.1 billion in Financial Exposure the JCA says its records indicate that the duties, taxes, and fees were duly accounted for.

It says this evidence was provided to the Auditor General, therefore, the JCA does not agree with the usage of the term “financial exposure” since there was no revenue loss.

On the matter of the Import Entries for 50 Million Litres of Bunker Fuel Processed up to three years after Importation, the JCA says there were in fact some instances where import declarations were submitted late via the Customs Management System.

However, the JCA says it would have had knowledge of shipments through the uploading of the manifest process and submission of other documents in respect of the cargo.

Therefore, the JCA wishes to highlight that there was no revenue loss relating to the shipments.

It says In keeping with its full compliance process, the agency would have implemented additional mechanisms and instituted corrective measures, to enforce the proper submission of import declarations, where required.