A Medical Consultant is urging Jamaicans to get vaccinated in order to avoid what he calls long COVID, a lingering condition that affects some who contract the virus.

Consultant Obstetrician and Public Health Specialist, Dr. Leslie Meade, says the natural immunity from getting infected with COVID-19 will not necessarily provide persons with long-term coverage.

Dr. Meade was speaking during ‘Get the Facts on the Vax’ on Nationwide this morning.

He says with the vaccine there’s greater provision of protection from getting severely ill from the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Dr. Meade also says long COVID can lead to other health complications including Type 2 Diabetes due to damage to a persons pancreas.

He also made it clear that techniques used to create modern vaccines are also far safer and eliminate the risk of contracting the disease due to older methods of using weakened or dead forms of the virus.

Dr. Leslie Meade, Consultant Obstetrician and Public Health Specialist.