The National Covid-19 Vaccination Operationalisation Task Force will seek to expand current vaccination rates from one-hundred thousand a month to three times that number over a similar period.

That was outlined by Task Force Chairman, Professor Gordon Shirley.

Professor Shirley was speaking during Thursday’s Covid Conversations.

The task force conceptualised by Prime Minister Andrew Holness is an amalgamation of civil, public health and the private sector vaccination initiatives.

Professor Shirley says one of its purviews is to streamline the vaccination programme to make it more efficient and swift.

Jamaica is still well off from its target of 65 per cent of the population being vaccinated by March 2022.

This is despite a recent surge in enthusiasm toward getting the jab in recent weeks due to high levels of vaccination hesitancy throughout the Jamaican society.

The process has also been criticised for being overly long and time consuming.

Professor Shirley also says his task force will work to create an authentication system for vaccinated persons in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

Professor Gordon Shirley, Chairman of the National Covid-19 Vaccination Operationalisation Task Force.