The Jamaica Constabulary Force is to become more involved in the legislative process. 

Police Commissioner, General Antony Anderson, says the JCF’s legal team will work to ensure the country’s laws take law enforcement concerns into consideration. 

General Anderson was speaking last evening at the Jamaica Diaspora Citizen Safety Virtual Townhall. 

Stevian Simmonds reports.

Some Police investigators have complained about the legislative challenges they face in seeking to nab criminals. 

Police Commissioner, Antony Anderson, says one such legislation is the Proceeds of Crime Act.

It’s a concern the Police have brought to the attention of the national Crime Monitoring and Oversight Committee.  

The Police Commissioner says the JCF will now go further.

He’s also calling for improvements in the correctional system. 

According to the Police Commissioner, there is a 40-per cent recidivism rate in prisons.

He says that makes the case for an improved correctional system.