The Jamaica Civil Service Association, JCSA, says discussions are still ongoing with the Ministry of Finance and Public Service regarding concerns of the Compensation Review for the period of 2022 to 2024.

In a memo dated June 29, the JCSA says they informed the Ministry that the Review implementation date of July no longer seems feasible.

In response, the Ministry says that its general target date was the second quarter and July was merely the start of it.

The JCSA says the Unions engaged in robust discussions with the Ministry on salaries coming out of the review.

This includes the sustainability of temporary allowances for workers who are adversely affected by personal circumstances.

The JCSA says several policy adjustments are needed and a separate mechanism will be determined to treat with it including leave, loans, education and training benefits.

They say transport allowances and duty concessions were also discussed and will be the subject of one more meeting between the JCSA, Ministry and the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions.