Minister of Justice, Delroy Chuck, has revealed that the Uchence Wilson Gang trial which concluded last year cost the state $55 million in legal fees with the ongoing Klansman trial set to generate a similar bill.

He made the revelation in acknowledging that the current remuneration to lawyers brought on for legal aid is low compared to what can be earned normally.

The Uchence Wilson trial concluded in December last year with Wilson himself being found guilty of several gang-related offences.

The trial included more than 20 accused and their counsel.

The currently ongoing Klansman Gang Trial involves 33 accused utilizing legal aid.

The legislation which was tabled in the House of Representatives last evening will in many instances double the remuneration of both junior and senior counsel on serious criminal matters.

The Justice Minister which notes the discrepancy between what is provided by the state and the private market says there’re other benefits to attorney’s who provide legal aid.

Delroy Chuck, Minister of Justice.