Stevian Simmonds reports.

The Jamaica Urban Transit Company, JUTC, Board is demanding the Auditor General’s Department retracts its performance audit report on the State-owned bus company, claiming it contains inaccurate information.

The report, tabled in Parliament on Tuesday, has found that the company had an unapproved staff capacity costing an accumulated 1-point-1 billion dollars.

And, that at least six senior managers at the company are not qualified for their jobs, including the Managing Director.

In a statement last evening, the JUTC says while it appreciates the incisive analysis of the Auditor General, there are some areas of the report which require further elaboration for accuracy.

The JUTC board yesterday summoned all senior managers to a meeting to discuss the findings of the performance audit report, noting it raised serious concerns.

The JUTC says it acknowledges that all is not well at the company and it will implement several of the Auditor General’s recommendations.

In relation to the report of unapproved staffing, the JUTC says that’s been a long-standing issue.

In fact, the company says the issue dates back to 2006 when it wrote to the Finance Ministry on several occasions to have posts established.

It says the matter regarding post numbers was brought to the JUTC’s attention by the Finance Ministry during the period November 2014 and January 2015.

It says several directors have since written to the Ministry to seek assistance in establishing posts.

According to the JUTC, that exercise started in January 2015 but was halted in August 2016 due to a change of government.

It says it’s also reduced its overtime budget from 25-million in March this year to 11-million last month.

The JUTC says in relation to parts, it submitted supporting documents for the 2-hundred and 23-million dollars worth of parts received.

But, it says that was not captured by the Audtor General’s report.

It says it’s disappointed because the Auditor General’s office had emailed the report to the JUTC’s Managing Director on Monday to query whether the information was accurate and free of errors.

It says following the meeting with senior managers yesterday, it’s decided that any expenditure outside of what’s budgeted must be taken to the Finance Committee for discussion and approval.

And, all persons without qualifications must get enrolled to a tertiary institution to pursue studies related to their work, no later than this September or face sanctions.

The JUTC board says since the company’s inception, it’s been hampered by the changing socio-political climate in which it operates and the lack of continuity in policy.

As a result, the JUTC says it suffers from attrition in areas such as maintenance.