Presiding judge in the Klansman Gang Trial, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes on Tuesday demanded that a police witness explain the term person of interest. 

The chief justice made the demand of the prosecution’s 16th witness, a detective inspector attached to the Constabulary’s Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch, CTOC, who was facing his examination-in-chief. 

The witness was detailing an incident where the police detained men they considered persons of interest, including the accused Jahzeel Blake. 

Justice Sykes questioned, “person of interest, is that a term of art?”

The witness explained the term was one of reference based on police intelligence. 

But Chief Justice Sykes asked if the police often arrest people they consider persons of interest without information. 

The witness explained that the police were interested in the men based on an anti-gang investigation being pursued. 

The witness says he knew Blake, also called ‘Squeeze Eye’, before he was detained as a person of interest at that time. 

According to the witness, he had previously been assigned to the St. Catherine North Police and had had reasons to interact with ‘Squeeze Eye’ on more than one occasion. 

The Klansman Gang Trial resumes at 10:00, this morning.