Stevian Simmonds reports

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has given a clear indication that face-to-face classes may resume during the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic.

But, the Prime Minister is seeking to assure parents and other education stakeholders that the government is strategising on how to safely return to in-person teaching and learning.

Mr Holness says he accepts that many students are being left behind and that the pandemic has widened existing gaps in the education system.

The Prime Minister was addressing a JLP Scholarship Award Luncheon Today.

The Prime Minister says it’s important to avoid any potential spread of the coronavirus beyond what the public healthcare system can handle.

He says resuming face-to-face classes where children have to use public transportation, may cause that extensive spread.

He says the government is committed to finding a suitable solution to what he says is a clear issue in the education system.

The Prime Minister says children could be the ones who become the model of how to live safely during the pandemic.

He says the government may need to implement programmes designed to close the gaps in the education system the pandemic has created and address the inequalities that it has worsened.

The Prime Minister sought to assure parents that the government is crafting a solution.