Three women who were reported missing over the past 24 to 48 hours have been found alive.

The Police have launched a major probe into what’s believed to be the abduction of the three women who were also reportedly robbed.

One of the three women is a nurse, Renieze Fletcher.

Miss Fletcher was reportedly found this afternoon in an inner city community in St. Andrew.

Preliminary reports are that Miss Fletcher was abducted and robbed by gunmen.

Fletcher went missing after she left the Nurses Residence at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) in Papine last evening and boarded a motor vehicle.

She was reportedly on her way to Liganuea where she was to meet up with a friend.

An alarm was raised when Miss Fletcher was not heard from.

The Police and members of the UHWI community had appealed to the public for information on the nurse’s disappearance.

Meantime, another woman, Janice Howell who went missing last evening has also been found alive.

Reports emerged that Howell was last seen leaving the Value Community Health Centre in Bull Bay St. Andrew.

When colleagues and family members could not contact Miss Howell, the Police were contacted.

A subsequent search led the Police to Howell.

It’s believed Miss Howell was also abducted and robbed by criminals.

Howell has since informed colleagues that she was traumatized by the incident but is thankful to be alive.

Reports reaching our news center are that another woman who was also abducted and robbed in St. Andrew of her ATM card, has also been found alive.

It’s believed that the criminals used the card to retrieve cash from the woman’s account.

The third woman has not been identified.

The Police are probing whether the same network of criminals may be responsible for the abduction of the women.