Chevon Campbell reports.


PNP Presidential aspirant, Mark Golding, is distancing his presidential bid from Peter Bunting’s failed Rise United campaign.

Mr Golding says his bid for the top job in the party isn’t Rise United 2.0.

He was speaking on Nationwide This Morning with Wayne Walker and Danielle Archer.

Mr. Golding also set aside recent polls which suggest he’s trailing fellow presidential aspirant, Lisa Hanna.

Mr. Golding says this is the beginning of a new era.

He says he’s not running as a representative of any faction inside the PNP.

Mr. Golding is oft seen as a surrogate for friend and business partner, Peter Bunting’s Rise United campaign to unseat outgoing President, Dr. Peter Phillips.

Mr. Bunting was one of many causalities of the September 3 General Elections, losing his Central Manchester seat to the JLP’s Rhoda Moy Crawford.

However, Mr. Golding says it’s not his intention to engage in another fractious campaign, which could further damage the party.

He’s up against fellow aspirant, the popular former beauty queen and MP for South East St Ann, Lisa Hanna.

Recent polls conducted suggest Ms. Hanna is the front runner among Jamaicans and delegates to replace Dr Phillips as PNP President.

However, Mr. Golding says those polls represent a snapshot in time before he had made his intentions to run clear.

Mark Golding, PNP Presidential aspirant.