The family of a prominent Jamaican/Panamanian businessman who has been languishing in a Columbian maximum security facility for over four months are seeking the intervention of the Jamaican Government to assist in putting an end to the alleged injustice being meted out to their relative.

28-year old Mayer Mizrachi Matalon has been detained in Colombia since December without charge.

He was arrested at the Cartagena airport in December last year when INTERPOL issued a notice at the request of the Panamanian Government.

Matalon’s detention arose from a contract which was signed between his company and the Panamanian government in 2014 to supply a mobile text messaging platform known as “Criptext”.

Matalon is the nephew of former President of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, Joseph M. Matalon.

The elder Matalon spoke to our news center from Amsterdam today and indicated that his incarcerated nephew has not been found guilty of any crime.

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The mobile messaging platform which is called Criptext that Mayer Matalon’s firm was contracted to create allows secure communications to be passed by mobile phones between 1-hundred-members of various agencies.

But Panamanian Prosecutors have alleged that the contract had not been fully performed and that Mayer Matalon was an accessory to embezzlement. But Joseph Matalon says his nephew acted above board.

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Mr. Matalon says moves are being made by attorneys Caroline Hay and Queen’s Counsel Lord Anthony Gifford to seek the intervention of the Jamaican Government regarding the unjust and protracted detention of one of its citizens.

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