Mayor of Kingston, Delroy Williams, has accused the minority caucus of grandstanding in their decision to resign from the Building and Planning Committee.

The PNP minority caucus of the KSAMC resigned yesterday over what it says is the failure of the JLP leadership of the Corporation to deal with allegations of corruption.

But Mayor Williams says his administration is taking steps to improve the transparency around building and planning in the City following rulings from the Supreme Court which slammed the processes at the Municipality. 

The Mayor says he has written to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Local Government and the Finance Ministry with a view to have the building and planning process reviewed.

He says the resignation of the minority caucus from the Building Committee was misguided, as that was the appropriate forum for the issues to be discussed.

Senator Delroy Williams, Mayor of Kingston.

The minority caucus of the Opposition People’s National Party has resigned from the Building and Planning Committee of the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation.

The move comes amid what they describe as the lack of integrity, transparency and efficacy with which the JLP-leadership of the municipality is operating.

The minority caucus says in light of recent court rulings which have placed the Building and Planning Committee of the KSAMC under the microscope, they are concerned that the current administration does not take the rulings and allegations seriously.

The PNP caucus says the failure of Mayor Delroy Williams to allow a resolution they tabled regarding the matter to be debated is indicative of the administration’s lack of regard for due process and the citizens of Jamaica.

The minority caucus says its once again appealing to the JLP-leadership of the KSAMC to take steps to prevent a further decline in public confidence in the operations of the municipality.