Nationwide News understands that armed men posing as members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, committed another murder in the volatile community of Parade Gardens in Central Kingston.

The dead man has so far only been identified by his alias.

He was reportedly killed shortly after 2 o’clock Wednesday morning.

As the murders in the Southside and Tela-viv communities continue, Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson says plans are in place to curb the bloodshed.

Nora Gaye Banton reports.

The recent spate of murders in Central Kingston is showing no signs of stopping.

The mayhem re-ignited in recent months, with members of the Genasyde Gang and Darkside Gang trading bullets in dramatic events across the corporate area.

Since then, the murders have become more localised with affiliate gangs laying down the gauntlet.

The Genasyde affiliate Young Strikers Gang and the Darksyde affiliate Pow Gang have been be linked to three of the six murders committed in the community in the last 16 days.

For Wednesday morning’s incident, community sources say the victim was at home when there was a knock at his door with voices saying ‘police’.

Sources indicate the victim was gunned down by unknown assailants after he answered the call at the door.

Last week 56-year-old Naseem Brown was reportedly gunned down at his home on Rum Lane as he begged for his life.

Brown was reportedly killed because a close relative was allegedly involved in the killing of Danville Hamilton.

Community sources indicate the Young Strikers gang and Pow gang are at the forefront of a turf war.

This as the Genasyde gang reportedly seeks to extend their influence into Southside.

There have been calls for an enhanced security measure to be implemented in the community.

Speaking at a Rotary Club of Downtown Kingston meeting on Wednesday, Commissioner Anderson says the Parade Gardens community is one of 20 communities that meet the criteria for a Zone of Special Operations.

The Commissioner says the ZOSO is a development tool that should be carefully considered before being deployed.

But as the shootings and murders in the community increase, Commissioner Anderson says plans have already been set in motion to restore calm to the community.

A preliminary count by Nationwide News shows approximately 15 people have been killed in the community since April.