Wayne Walker reports.

Newly appointed Labour and Social Security Minister, Mike Henry, is pushing back against some critics who’ve said he’s too old for the job.

Minister Henry turned 85-years old today.

He says critics should re-focus their attention on the more substantial issue of what he has to offer.

Since it was revealed yesterday that Prime Minister Holness has appointed Mr. Henry to replace the late Labour and Social Security Minister, Shahine Robinson, there’s been some criticism of the move.

Minister Henry has been trending on Twitter today.

And, some people are saying that newer blood should have been injected into the Cabinet.

Mr. Henry says he’s not able to say whether the Labour and Social Security Ministry is likely to be his final stint as a Cabinet Minister.

He also reconfirmed that he’s seeking re-election as Central Clarendon MP.

Government sources say one of the reasons why the Prime Minister chose not to introduce younger blood to the Cabinet at this time is that a General Election is constitutionally due in a few months.

And, it’s felt that new and younger political representatives in particular should be spending as much time as possible in their constituencies.

Mr. Henry says prior to the call from the Prime Minister he had no idea that he’d have been asked to reassume control of a full Ministry.

Mr. Henry was previously the Minister without portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister.