A multi-million dollar lawsuit was this morning taken out against Finance Minister Dr. Peter Phillips and attorney-at-law, the PNP’s Omar Newell – along with three other members of the governing PNP.

The lawsuit has been filed by the JLP Candidate for East Rural St. Andrew, Juliet Holness.

Dr. Phillips is also the PNP’s Campaign Director and Member of Parliament for East Central St. Andrew.

Mr. Newell is the PNP Region 2 Regional Secretary, a member of the PNP’s Executive and General Secretary for the party’s affiliate group – The Patriots.

Lawyers for Mrs. Holness this morning filed claims against Phillips and Newell in relation to statements made on social and electronic media regarding the Upper St. Andrew Home being built by her and her husband Opposition JLP Leader, Andrew Holness.

The PNP Campaign Director is facing Court action concerning statements he made at a mass meeting and a media conference.

The Court documents accuse Newell of being party to a sophisticated and coordinated social media campaign to damage the integrity of Andrew and Juliet Holness based on allegations which are untrue.

Mrs. Holness is also accusing the wife of former Cabinet Minister, the PNP’s Donald Buchanan, Dorothy Buchanan, of defamation.

Buchanan’s son is the PNP’s Candidate Hugh Buchanan. She’s also a former Councillor for the Brompton Division in St. Elizabeth.

The claim form says Mrs. Buchanan has been sued in relation to statements she made on social media which sought to maliciously link Mr. and Mrs. Holness to a convicted criminal.

Kadia Francis, who the Court Documents, have identified as the Special Assistant to Junior Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arnaldo Brown has also been sued by Mrs. Holness for statements made on social media in relation to the house issue.

Franchise Protection Inspector at the Jamaican Urban Transit Company, JUTC, Kerron Saunders is also facing a lawsuit from Mrs. Holness regarding utterances made about her property.

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