Statistics from the Road Safety Unit, RSU, in the Ministry of Transport indicates there’s been a reduction in road fatalities and fatal crashes since the start of the year.

The findings were provided in the monthly crash report for the period of August 2021.

It revealed a 33 percent decline in road fatalities with a further 38 percent decrease in crashes in the month of August compared to a similar period in 2020.

Acting Director of the Unit, Deidre Hudson Sinclair, welcomes the decline.

Motorcycle fatalities represented the majority of road user deaths at 36-percent, followed by pedestrians at 19-percent.

Mrs. Sinclair says the congestion before and after the lock down, put pedestrians at a greater risk.

During curfew hours, 94 persons have been killed in 73 crashes since August year to date.

Mrs. Sinclair says the frequency of motorists carrying out duties before curfew hours can also contribute to the fatalities.

Deidre Hudson Sinclair, Acting director of the Road Safety Unit speaking with our News Center.

The Unit is appealing to all motorists to reduce their speed especially in built-up areas, as well as inter-parish major thoroughfares.