The National Environment and Planning Agency, NEPA, has given notice of its intention to suspend a permit to expand the Dovecot Memorial Park.

In a Document entitled ‘Notice of Intention to Suspend Permit’, NEPA says Dovecot has breached some specific conditions subject to the permit granted.

It says those conditions include the requirement to notify NEPA at least 14 days before construction and establish two monitoring wells southeast of the facility.

It says Dovecot’s management has also breached the requirement to design a Waste Management Plant and submit it to NEPA within 30 days of receiving the permit to expand.

NEPA says the Notice of Intention to suspend orders the cessation of all breaches.

It says the entity can apply to the National Resources Conservation Authority to be heard on the matter within the next 21 days.

There’s been a longstanding dispute between the management of the Dovecot Memorial Park and residents in the nearby communities including Green Acres.

The residents have raised concerns about the likelihood that their properties will be devalued due to the expansion of the burial ground.

They’re also concerned about the potential for decomposing bodies contaminating the main underground water sources.

Last week, Member of Parliament for West Central St Catherine, Dr Christopher Tufton, reportedly proposed an independent review of the technical study used by NEPA to approve the permit for the expansion of the cemetery at the Dovecot Memorial Park.