Chevon Campbell reports

Tougher curfew hours are coming as of Saturday for the parishes of Clarendon, St. Thomas, St. Catherine, Kingston and St. Andrew as COVID-19 cases surge.

Prime Minister Holness made the announcement at an emergency media briefing this afternoon.

He says the curfew will run from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. daily.

Previously, the curfew began at 11 p.m.

The Prime Minister says the spike in COVID-19 infections is a serious cause for concern.

The latest COVID-19 numbers show a spike of 98 cases, the worst 24-hour batch total the country has experienced to date.

The Prime Minister says the Corporate Area joins the parishes of St. Thomas and Clarendon with a concerning cluster of cases.

The Prime Minister says the tightening of curfew measures has proven to be an effective tool in bringing the coronavirus spread under control.

The areas under the tighter restrictions will also prohibit churches from holding funerals, conventions and other civic activities.

Burials will continue but with strict observation and enforcement of the 15 person rule.

Meanwhile, as COVID-19 cases surge, the government has instituted stricter election campaign guidelines.

Prime Minister Holness says motorcades in the traditional sense will be prohibited.

The Prime Minister says motorcades will be restricted to only two coaster buses and will not be allowed to stop.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

He was speaking at an emergency media briefing this afternoon.

Spike Linked to Emancipendence Celebration

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jacquiline Bisasor-McKenzie, says the new cases originate from increased movement in the month of August.

She says now more than ever adherence to COVID-19 protocols is important.

Dr. Jacquiline Bisasor-McKenzie, Chief Medical Officer.

She was speaking at this afternoon’s emergency COVID-19 media briefing at the Office of the Prime Minister.