With an increased number of hospitalizations for Covid-19 patients in Western Jamaica, the Clinical Coordinator at the Western Regional Health Authority, WRHA, Dr. Delroy Fray, is warning that if there is no change within a week, there will be a staff burnout.

On Friday, Dr. Fray pointed out that over the past week and a half, there has been a consistent increase in hospitalization in the region’s hospitals.

Dr. Delroy Fray, Clinical Coordinator at the WRHA.

At present, the Cornwall Regional Hospital in St James has a capacity of 32.

However, up to three days ago, the facility had 64 patients.

In Westmoreland, there were 64 extra patients in the 18 bed Savanna-la-Mar Public General Hospital’s COVID-19 ward up to last Thursday.

Similarly, the COVID-19 ward at the Noel Holmes Hospital in Hanover has a capacity of 11.

However, 27 are currently being admitted.

The Falmouth Hospital in Trelawny which has a COVID-19 field hospital can accommodate a total of 36 patients.

However, 45 were admitted up to Thursday.

Dr. Fray said the situation is so bad that some patients will have to use a chair instead of a bed.

He said the situation is putting a lot of pressure on the medical staff who should be commended.