Hykel Nunes reports

It’s the eve of the first of three weekend lockdowns imposed by Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

The Kingston & St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) was abuzz with activities as many businesses closed their doors at noon to allow for shopping ahead of the lockdown.

However several persons are still of the view that the weekend curfew will not curtail the surge in Covid-19 cases.

Civilians are still questioning why the Prime Minister is locking down the country especially at the weekend.

Residents are still having anxiety on the eve of the weekend lock down.

Last Sunday Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced that businesses should close at midday, to give workers the opportunity to get necessities in preparation for the weekend lock down.

About 1pm today our news center traversed the KSAMC to see if businesses would close early as recommended.

Cart marts, government offices, financial institutions and shipping companies were some of the entities that closed early today.

There was steady traffic flow along some road ways, however in areas such as New Kingston there was some build up.

Along the roadways pedestrians were seen boarding, Public Passenger Motor Vehicle, however it appeared that working people who would’ve crowded the bus stops at 5 pm, already went home.

Several buses and taxis were empty but vehicles that had passengers did not have one less as required by the government.

Police officers were seen at various intervals monitoring traffic.

Restaurants, supermarkets and wholesales remained open.

One man who was exiting a supermarket told us that he doesn’t believe the weekend curfew will be effective.

Although some businesses closed early, the man explained that traffic was an issue.

Another man who closed his business early said he is uncertain if the lock down will work.

He added that he is just following instruction.