Opposition Spokesman on Health Dr. Morais Guy has put forward a suggestion, that the government should hire a COVID-19 czar.

Dr. Guy believes that the country needs now more than ever, someone who’s sole responsibility is to take charge of the entire vaccination programme, including sourcing the jabs and making recommendations.

Speaking with Nationwide News today, Dr. Guy says, the COVID-19 czar would be someone who is dedicated to the fight against COVID-19.

The Opposition Spokesman notes that the COVID-19 czar, would be an individual who has a degree in the Sciences and should also possess some level of management skills.

Dr. Guy says that a COVID-19 czar would be needed, to resolve the lack of Personal Protective Equipment, PPE in healthcare facilities.

And also to help distribute the vaccines that are due to arrive in the island by month end.

Opposition spokesman on Health, Dr. Morais Guy speaking to Nationwide News