Our reporter, Stevian Simmonds, visited some of the sites in the Corporate Area and files this report.

Hundreds of students turned out to Vaccination Bitz sites across the island.

The Health Ministry is currently administering the first dose of Pfizer vaccines to students 12 to 18 years. The Pfizer brand is the only vaccine currently approved for children.

The Education Ministry announced last week that students will only be admitted to face-to-face classes if they’re vaccinated.

This as the government aims to resume physical classes safely, noting thousands of children have not been engaged in online classes for over a year.

The Education Ministry is prioritising children 12 years and older especially those with comorbidities to administer the 200-thousand doses of the Pfizer vaccine it received from the US recently.

We visited the Vaccination Blitz sites at Merl Grove High School, Jamaica College, the National Arena, and at St. George’s College.

Jaydon is a 16-year old Wolmer’s Boy School student from Bowden Hall in St Andrew.

This 16-year-old student of St George’s College says he’s the first in his family to be vaccinated.

This parent from Harbour View says she took her daughter to take the vaccine on Saturday but she was still hesitant taking the jab herself.

Some persons like this grandparent complained about the long wait to have her grandson vaccinated.

And this parent Jody Williams said she’s been spreading the positive message about getting vaccinated to everyone she comes in contact with.