PNP President Dr. Peter Philips is calling on the Government to take immediate steps to empower and equip the public health sector to cope with the increasing spike in COVID-19 cases and save the lives of critically ill patients.

Dr. Phillips places the blame of the current surge in COVID cases squarely on the shoulders of Prime Minister Andrew Holness and the administration’s decision not to tighten COVID-19 measures during the independence weekend period.

He says given what he sees as the chaos that now exists in hospitals with the scarcity of medicine, shortage of staff, basic equipment and supplies, the increasing number of COVID-19 cases pose an ominous threat to the country.

Dr. Phillips says a public education programme on basic home care must begin immediately so that persons in isolation have information on a course of action to prevent them from falling gravely ill.

The PNP President says the fact that the spike is increasing as we prepare for the national poll, not due until next year, demonstrates that the current administration was focused on power and public relations, and not on the true welfare of the Jamaican people.

Dr. Peter Phillips, President of the People’s National Party.