Nationwide News understands that Councillor for the John’s Hall Division in Manchester, Faith Sampson-Nickle has walked out of the Opposition PNP and joined the governing JLP.

Mrs. Sampson-Nickle crossed the political floor a short while ago during a meeting of the Manchester Municipal Corporation.

The meeting is currently underway.

Sampson Nickle is a Councillor in PNP Vice President, Mikhael Phillips’ North West Manchester constituency.

She’s been a member of the PNP for over 2 decades. 

Councillor Sampson Nickle’s decison means the PNP’s majority in the Manchester Municipal Corporation has been reduced to 8 to 7. That’s 8 for the PNP and 7 JLP Councillors.

Sampson Nickle is the second Councillor to walk out of the PNP in recent times. Earlier this year, Councillor Kari Douglas crossed the floor in the KSAMC and joined the Jamaica Labour Party.