The People’s National Party, internal polling data puts them slightly ahead of the Jamaica Labour Party to win the September 3 General Elections.

The polling data was released publicly by the party this morning.

No margin of error was provided and the poll was said to have been conducted by a firm called Civil, Environmental and Coastal Engineering Excellence, CEAC Solutions.

However, the same poll shows respondents rating the JLP’s manifesto as being slightly more credible than the PNP’s.

The Poll asked which party will you vote for in the September 3 General Elections.

Of the 366 respondents, 161 or just under 44 per cent said the PNP.

One-hundred and 49 respondents or just under 41 per cent said they’d vote for the JLP.

A little more than 15 per cent or 56 respondents were undecided.

The poll also shows the PNP’s Manifesto has garnered the greater amount of interest among respondents.

When asked whose manifesto is of most interest to you, nearly 47 per cent chose the PNP’s versus the just over 43 per cent who chose the JLP’s.

However, the JLP’s manifesto was considered slightly more credible than the PNP’s.

When asked which manifesto do you consider more credible, almost 47 per cent of respondents said the JLP’s compared to the almost 44 per cent who chose the PNP’s manifesto.

The poll was conducted between August 28 and August 29.

Just over 62 per cent of respondents were women, while slightly more than 37 per cent were men.

And, the majority of respondents believe there are darker days ahead as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic.

When asked what would you say about the current COVID-19 situation, 38 per cent of respondents say it is out of control.

Another 37 per cent of respondents say the pandemic would be managed better by the JLP going forward compared to only a little under 24 per cent for the PNP.

Almost 22 per cent believe it is manageable under the circumstances and nearly 16 per cent believe the elections should be called off for now.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of respondents, 74 per cent, say they will not be deterred from voting come election day by COVID-19.

A little over 19 per cent say maybe and only 6 per cent say they will be deterred from voting by COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Jamaica Labour Party’s Public Relations Committee, Mathew Samuda, says he’s not putting much stock in the PNP’s internal poll.

He, however, notes the contradiction in a greater number of respondents finding the JLP’s Manifesto more credible but still supporting the PNP on election day.

Mathew Samuda, Chairman of the the Jamaica Labour Party’s Public Relations Committee.