PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips, is calling for Prime Minister Andrew Holness to relieve Audley Shaw and JC Hutchinson of their responsibilities in the Agriculture Ministry.

Dr. Phillips says that action should be taken until the conclusion of a probe into alleged corruption at the Rural Agricultural Development Authority, RADA.

The PNP President made the call during a media conference at the party’s Old Hope Road headquarters this morning.

Dr. Phillips says the PNP has investigated and discovered the alleged corrupt issuance of up to $1.6-billion worth of de-bushing contracts in St. Thomas by RADA.

Dr Phillips says based on checks conducted by the PNP, that amount was spent during the 2017/2018 fiscal year.

Dr. Phillips says the contracts were allegedly issued by RADA at a questionable rate.

According to Dr. Phillips, the Auditor General recently raised concerns about the issuance of contracts by RADA.

But, Dr. Phillips is calling for the Auditor General to carry out a deeper investigation.

He’s also calling on the police to investigate.

Dr. Phillips also wants the Board of RADA dismissed.

Opposition Spokesman on Agriculture, Victor Wright, says information reaching the PNP is that the alleged scam took place under RADA’s farm roads rehabilitation programme.

Mr. Wrignt says the PNP is confident in the source of its information.

Mr. Wright says he’s also troubled by alleged breaches of the government’s procurement guidelines at RADA.

Victor Wright, Opposition Spokesman on Agriculture.

East St. Thomas MP, Dr. Fenton Ferguson, says he sees no credible evidence to support the amount of work RADA alleges it did in the parish.

Dr. Fenton Ferguson, MP for East St Thomas.
Both Dr. Ferguson and Mr. Wright were addressing a media conference at the PNP headquarters today.