The People’s National Party, has been called on by its own Election Evaluation Committee, to settle its core principles.

That’s one of many recommendations stemming from a report analyzing the party’s crushing defeat during the September, 2021 General Elections.

The Committee also recommended that the PNP revamp several aspects of its leadership structure.

Chevon Campbell has been going through the document and files this report.

The lengthy 62 page report notes that In a meeting in which a Vice President was present, when asked what was the Party’s philosophy, the answer was, ‘very good question’.

Based on the results of the 2020 elections which saw the party reduced to a mere fourteen seats, its clear that question was not answered.

The PNP election committee contends there is still a number of Party members who describe themselves as
democratic socialist and were very adamant that it is that philosophy to which they subscribe.

It notes however that the PNP’s last four Manifestos avoided the use of the term.

The election committee says it’s clear that the PNP is is not now a democratic socialist party, neither in theory or action.

The committee argues that the PNP currently has no central philosophy nor core values guiding its work.

it says this resulted in no central theme during the national election campaign causing it’s messaging to be‘all over the place with different spokespersons saying different things.

It says the party must embark on a series of consultations to settle, as soon as possible, its core values
and philosophy

The report also identified that the party needs to completely reorganise,retool and modernise its organisational machinery.

It says the party workers are not as efficient and effective as they once were, most constituencies are
poorly organised, and the regional leadership has waned over the years.

It’s recommending that the General Secretary of the party not be allowed to be a sitting Member of Parliament to avoid over burdening the individual.

In noting the deep internal divisions caused by repeated internal leadership challenges It’s also recommending that the President and the VPs be elected every three years, instead of yearly.

It says Vice Presidents and Deputy General Secretaries as is the case of the President, General Secretary and Chairman should remain neutral in internal Party elections.

It’s understood that the report was shared with the PNP’s executive earlier this week.