Another witness testified today at the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry, that police murdered his nephew in cold-blood during the May 2010 operation to capture former drug lord, Christopher Dudus Coke.

Denton Dacres was living on DeeCee Avenue in Tivoli Gardens at the time of the operation.

Two members of the JDF testified, that they witnessed police personnel murdered a number of innocent civilians — in cold blood at the same place on Deecee Avenue.

Today, another civilian corroborated evidence given by the soldiers.

Mr. Dacres told the Enquiry, that on the first day of the operation, he was forced to spend the night at his neigbour’s house, as bombs were dropping and he was afraid.

But he said his nephew, Kevin, also known as Porridge Man, stayed at the house.

He says the following morning, security personnel came and searched his neighbors’ house and ordered him to go by his place of dwelling.

Mr. Dacres told the Enquiry that he refused to go inside the house. He says he stayed on the outside of his house.

He said while he was outside, security personnel murdered his nephew.

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He said when he heard the explosions, he attempted to go inside the house but a voice told him to go to a waiting area with other civilians.

He says while at the area, he saw the police taking Kevin’s body out of the house in a white sheet.

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Meanwhile, attorney representing the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Deborah Martin, probed Mr. Dacres on why his nephew stayed at the house while bombs were dropping.

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She questioned whether gunmen were staying in his house.

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