The attorney representing Rushane Barnett, Tamika Harris, says the police has served her client with an identification parade form in relation to allegations that he had sexual intercourse with a minor.

She says she’ll be advising her client not to undergo the identification parade.

Barnett is charged with the murders of Kimesha Wright and her four children – 15-year-old Kimanda Smith; 11-year-old Shara-Lee Smith, five-year-old Rafaella Smith and 23- month-old Kishawn Henry – in Cocoa Piece, Clarendon last week.

It’s understood he confessed to the crimes in a statement to the police.

Ms Harris spoke with our news centre Friday afternoon.

She argued that an identification parade would not be fair for her client since his image has been circulating on social and mass media.

Tamika Harris, the attorney representing murder accused, Rushane Barnett.

Barnett is set to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.