Political Ombudsman, Mrs. Donna Parchment Brown, says the defacing of public property with political colours is disappointing.

Her comments follow reports she says of sidewalks and a bridge painted in green in the Allman Town Division in Central Kingston.

Members of the People’s National Party on Saturday repainted sections of the Division, from green to neutral colours.

According to the party’s Caretaker Imani Duncan Price, leaders must do better and set an example.

Duncan Price says with the history of violence in the constituency, the use of political colours is not a meaningless activity.

Last year December, Member of Parliament of the Kingston Central constituency Donovan Williams was captured in a video painting a sidewalk green in a section of the constituency.

The matter was reported to the Political Ombudsman who intervened, writing to MP Williams.

At that time Mrs. Parchment Brown said the action was in breach of the Agreement and Declaration in the code of political conduct.

According to the Ombudsman, the position that was advanced then, was that the green paint seen in the community, was part of the traditional Christmas colours and was not the Jamaica Labour Party shade of green.

Mrs. Parchment Brown says that is unacceptable.

She says she will be writing to MP Williams expressing her concern.

Adding that it is not a simple matter, Mrs. Parchment Brown is urging political representatives to abide by the code of political conduct

Political Ombudsman, Mrs. Donna Parchment Brown speaking with our Reporter, Robian Williams.