Preliminary reports indicate that one person is dead and two others, including a toddler, are nursing gunshot wounds following a shooting in Southside, in Central Kingston.

Nationwide News understands that the dead man is known by his alias, ‘Duckie’.

Police sources say around 4:40 on Friday afternoon, Duckie was among a group of people at the corner of Tower Street and Fleet Street when armed men pounced and opened fire.

All three were hit, including a two-year-old child. It’s understood that Duckie died on the scene.

The Parade Gardens community has been a killing field in recent months.

It’s understood a top-ranking gangster associated with the Darksyde Gang was shot and injured in a neighbouring community on Thursday.

Community sources believe Friday’s shooting may have been in reprisal.

It’s understood Duckie is believed to have been the target of the attack due to the alleged involvement of his close relatives in the recent Genasyde and Darksyde gang war in the community.

Duckie is the fourth close relative of alleged gangsters to be killed in recent weeks.