Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, has delivered the clearest hint yet that he may ask the Court to make a declaration on the legitimacy of the candidacy of the People’s National Party’s candidate for the South East St. Mary by-election, Dr. Shane Alexis.

But he says this will be done after the by-election on October 30.

Mr. Holness addressed the issue at a JLP meeting in Belfield in the constituency last night.

The Prime Minister and JLP Leader told supporters to stay focused ahead of D-Day on October 30.

That’s the day approximately 25,000 voters will choose between Dr. Norman Dunn and Dr. Shane Alexis.

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But he says those issues will be addressed after the race on October 30.

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The Prime Minister re-affirmed statements made yesterday by his Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck.

He says his administration will be moving to ensure that – in the future – the law is clear that only Jamaican citizens may be elected to Parliament.

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The debate about the legality of Dr. Alexis’ candidacy has intensified since the revelation a few days ago that he once held a Grenadian passport.

Dr. Alexis is a citizen of Canada and a permanent resident of Jamaica. However he’s not a Jamaican citizen.

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