A group of Private Sector entities is expressing concerns about the delay in passing the law specifying the criteria for the appointment of boards of public bodies.

The law is aimed at revamping the system of board appointments to allow more qualified and competent Jamaicans to serve on public boards.

The law is the Public Bodies Management and Accountability, Nomination, Selection and Appointment to Boards, Regulations 2020.

The group includes the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, PSOJ, the Jamaica Manufacturer’s and Exporters’ Association, and the Small Business Association of Jamaica.

Keith Duncan is President of the PSOJ.

He says some talented Jamaicans are unwilling to serve on public boards because they’re dissatisfied with the accountability measures in place.

Keith Duncan, President of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica.

The Private Sector group also includes the Micro, Small and Medium-Size Enterprises, MSME Alliance and the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, JCC.

Lloyd Distant is President of the JCC.

Lloyd Distant, President of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce.

The legislation speaks to implementing a merit based system for board appointments, improving transparency, term limits, gender diversity, and the exclusion of Members of Parliament and Councillors from public boards.

The legislation stalled in the House of Representatives for a second time last week, due to the lack of a quorum in the House.