Wayne Walker reports

Former PNP Councilor for the Moneague Division in St. Ann, Lloyd Garrick, alleges that a resolution was brought against PNP Presidential Aspirant, Lisa Hanna, for voting against the party during the 2016 Local Government Election.

Speaking on Cliff Hughes Online this morning he says to date the motion has not been properly acted upon.

Mr. Garrick is among those who feel Ms. Hanna is unfit to be PNP President.

Mr. Garrick says the motion was brought forward by late PNP stalwart DK Duncan and former General Secretary, Paul Burke.

He says to date it remains before the NEC unaddressed.

He’s calling on the executive of the party to revive the resolution he believes is key to the question as to who is to lead the PNP.

Mr. Garrick is among those who’ve styled themselves as the Comrades of South East St. Ann.

The group has written a scathing letter calling into question Ms. Hanna’s fitness to be PNP President.

He alleges that Ms. Hanna supported independents who ran against the PNP’s established candidates in the parish.

This includes Mr. Garrick himself.

He believes Ms. Hanna, through the independent candidate, directly undermined him, costing the PNP the division.

Mr. Garrick says Ms. Hanna’s alleged actions disqualify her from leading the party.

Nationwide News has made several attempts to have Ms. Hanna respond to the allegations.

Those efforts have been unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, former PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke, says the party is to be blamed for failing to act on the resolution that was brought in relation to the issues in South East St. Ann.

Mr. Burke was speaking with Nationwide News this afternoon.

He says the resolution was brought for an investigation into the allegations being made about happenings in South East St. Ann.

In relation to the allegation of Ms. Hanna voting against the party during the 2016 Local Government Elections, Mr. Burke says the matter was brought before the party several times, but was never addressed.

Ms Hanna has denied the allegation.

Mr. Burke claims the party’s second highest decision-making body, the National Executive Council, NEC, has done nothing.

He says the matter has seemingly been shelved by the party.

Paul Burke, former PNP General Secretary, speaking with Nationwide News.

Mr. Burke is arguing that he doesn’t believe the matter will be addressed in the future.

Paul Burke, former PNP General Secretary.