A Sales Representative of Retirement, St. James, has been arrested and charged, after he threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend on March 18 this year.

According to the Montego Bay police, 23 year-old Gavin Shaw, otherwise called JR, will answer to Assault at Common Law with the Use of a Firearm charges.

Reports from the Montego Bay police are that about 2:00 p.m., the complainant, who had recently ended their abusive relationship, visited Shaw’s mother’s home to drop off their child.

The Police says, Shaw then confronted and accused her of being promiscuous and refusing to return his calls. 

Reports are, Shaw ran to the rear of the premises, and returned with a handgun which he pointed at the complainant repeatedly and, threatened to kill her.  

However, the police say that, his relatives intervened, allowing the complainant to escape unharmed. 

The matter was subsequently reported to the Police.

Meanwhile, the police confirms that Shaw was arrested on Friday, April 2 and charged following an interview. 

His court date is being finalized.  

This is the second such incident in recent days. 

On Saturday, a man was arrested, after a voicenote of him threatening to kill a woman, made the  rounds on social media.

The woman, who went by the name Denise, could be heard asking the man, how has she hurt him.

The man who was referred to in the voicenote as Peter, is still in police custody.