Chevon Campbell reports

A scathing letter is questioning the fitness of South East St. Ann Member of Parliament, Lisa Hanna, to be President of the People’s National Party.

The open letter purports to be from supporters in Ms. Hanna’s own constituency but has no name attached to it.

The letter among other things draws into question Ms. Hanna’s loyalty to the PNP, performance and alleged disrespect to former Prime Minister and PNP President, Portia Simpson Miller.

The letter says Ms. Hanna was parachuted into one of the safest constituencies in the history of the PNP by former President Portia Simpson Miller.

It says notwithstanding what Mrs. Simpson-Miller did to launch her political career, Ms. Hanna was among the first who started to undermine the President after Mrs. Simpson-Miller’s 2016 election defeat.

It also accuses Ms. Hanna of undermining some of the councilors in South East St. Ann during the Local Government Elections of 2016.

It says Ms. Hanna’s decision making led to the breakdown of relationships with key party activists in the PNP hierarchy in the constituency.

The letter says this poor leadership extended to Ms. Hanna’s chairmanship of the PNP Region One.

It says in every election between 1944 and 1997, the PNP has polled between 40 and 70 per cent of the registered voters in the constituency.

However, it accuses Ms. Hanna of bringing that number down to a historic low of 17 per cent,

According to the unidentified party members Ms. Hanna’s performance in September 03 Elections has transformed the safest PNP rural seat to a marginal constituency.

The letter calls for Ms. Hanna to give account of what it says is her dismal performance as M.P to the Party that she now aspires to lead.

several of the allegations regarding Ms. Hanna’s leadership of the constituency are purportedly documented in several letters and emails over the years to the party leadership.

It’s understood that over the years, former party leader, Portia Simpson Miller and other high ranking officers including general secretaries have intervened in an effort to resolve the ongoing dispute in South East St. Ann.