The mother and grandmother of the victims of the Cocoa Piece massacre, says her sister, whose son is accused of the quintuple murders, has not yet reached out to her to express sympathy.

Gwendolyn Wright-McKnight’s spoke with Nationwide today.

Her daughter Kemisha Wright and her four grandchildren were brutally murdered between Monday night on June 21 and early Tuesday morning on June 22.

The man accused of the killings, Rushane Barnett, is Mrs. McKnight’s nephew.

Both Kemisha and Barnett are the children of two sisters.

It’s understood that when Barnett fled Clarendon, he was found a day later by the Police in his home parish Trelawny attempting to flee again.

It’s been 10 days since the death of Kemisha Wright and four children rocked the nation.

Last evening, on the ninth night since the quintuple murders, hundreds gathered in Cocoa Piece at a candle light vigil to extend condolences and celebrate the life of Kemisha and her four children.

Kemisha’s mother, Gwendolyn Wright-McKnight says the vigil was a blessing.

However in a bitter twist, Mrs. McKnight says her sister, Barnett’s mother, has still not reached out to her.

She says this was not their usual relationship.

The accused man reportedly turned up at his family’s home in Wilson Run, Trelawny after fleeing Clarendon.

Barnett had reportedly been residing with his cousin Kemisha in Clarendon for over a year.

In the meantime…Mrs. McKnight in reacting to the Prosecution’s notice to seek the death penalty expressed that the punishment would match the crime.

The post-mortem for all five victims were conducted yesterday.

The results are not yet known.