Member of Parliament for South East Clarendon, Rudyard Spencer, has resigned with immediate effect from representational politics.

Speaker in the House of Representative, Pearnel Charles Snr, announced a short while ago in Parliament.

Earlier this week, we reported that Spencer’s departure from representational politics was imminent.

Our newscenter understands that an agreement has been hammered out within the governing JLP for Mr. Spencer to step down as MP.

His resignation is to pave the way for Senator Pearnel Charles Junior to be the JLP candidate in the seat.

He”s set to take up a diplomatic appointment in Europe.

Spencer turns 76 years old this week and is also expected to resign as state minister of National Security Ministry.

Charles Junior is expected to square of with the PNP’s Patricia Duncan Sutherland when the seat is next contested.

Duncan Sutherland was defeated by Mr. Spencer in the 2016 General Election.

It’s understood that the deal which will see Charles Junior be the JLP candidate in South East Clarendon will also result in Senator Robert Nesta Morgan being the JLP candidate for North Central Clarendon.

There had been tension between Morgan and Charles Junior when both men expressed an interest in succeeding the elder Charles as MP for North Central Clarendon.

Pearnel Charles Senior has indicated that he’ll not be seeking re-election when the next General Election is called.